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  • 5k - 25:35 - June 1, 2008 - FPYC 25 Furlongs (5k) Race - Floral Park, NY
  • 4 miles - 33:32 - December 3, 2006 - Fly With the Owls 4 mile Run - Lynbrook, NY
  • 5 miles - 42:50 - Apr 27, 2008 - Alley Pond 5 Mile Challenge - Alley Pond Park, Queens, NY
  • 10k - 55:11 - May 19, 2007 - Healthy Kidney 10k - Central Park, NY
  • 15k - 1:39.28 - March 11, 2007 - Colon Cancer Challenge 15k - Central Park, NY
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  • Feb 21 - GLIRC 3 x 2 Trail Relay - 17:20 for my 2 mile leg
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  • Mar 15 - John Corrigan 4 x 2 Relay - 16:21 for my 2 mile leg
  • Apr 11 - Scotland Homecoming 10k - 56:37
  • Apr 26 - Alley Pond 5 Mile Challenge - 47:44
  • May 16 - Healthy Kidney 10k - 57:13
  • May 27 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 27:17 - 1st in Age
  • May 30 - Japan Day 4M - 35:28
  • June 7 - Mini 10k - 57:31
  • June 10 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 26:57 - 3rd in Age
  • June 24 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 27:18
  • July 1 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 27:30 - 1st in Age
  • July 4 - Oakdale Firecracker 5k - 26:28
  • July 5 - Massapequa Firecracker 5k - 26:42
  • Aug 16 - NYC Half Marathon - 2:07:58
  • Aug 26 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 27:32
  • Sept 12 - Ocean to Sound 50M Relay - 5th leg - 55:56
  • Oct 4 - P.O. Gary Farley 5k - 27:16
  • Oct 11 - Get to the Point 5k - 26:46
  • Oct 25 - Totten Trot 5k - 27:09
  • Nov 8 - Blazing Trails 4-Autism 4M - 36:16
  • Nov 15 - Mineola Mustang 5k - 27:34
  • Nov 22 - Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5k - 27:29 - 3rd in Age
  • Nov 27 - Run Your Turkey Off 4k - 20:56 - 2nd in Age
  • Dec 5 - Seaford Hot Chocolate 5k - 27:15
  • Dec 13 - TRRC Couples Race - 1st leg - 18:21, team: 32:41
  • Dec 19 - Ho Ho Ho Holiday 5k - 28:11
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Monday, April 10, 2006
Labrecque 4M
Another weekend, another race. Gotta love the spring!

I was back in Central Park this weekend for the cavalcade of runners known as the Thomas G. Labrecque Classic 4M race for lung cancer. It was a cold morning, walkers in the park were bundled up in hats and mittens. We had sleet/hail the day before. I met Chelly at 8am so we would have time to pick up our bibs and warmup before the start of the race. The registration area was a madhouse. The organizers apparently wanted to funnel all the runners through a small stairway into a field where everything was set up. This created a milling mess around the registration area and put the baggage area nowhere near either the start or the finish. Rather inconvenient.

Once we got our numbers, chips and t-shirts we went to drop off our baggage. The area was covered with that lovely sand/dirt that is used to create ballfields. You know that orangey stuff? Do you remember me mentioning the previous day's weather? Yep, everything became coated in orange mud. Both Chelly and I had opted for black tights which were becoming quickly covered with orange marks. I dropped the Forerunner which was now a disgusting sandy orange mess. This day was not starting out well.

After we dropped off the baggage, along with all our extra outerwear, we headed to the starting line. There was quite a crowd. I heard the announcer using the number 6600 when referring to the number who had shown up. Wow. I mentioned to Chelly that we might want to line up a little closer to the starting line than normal as there seemed to be quite a few walkers and first-time racers. I've noticed that they often overestimate their abilities and also are not aware of the logistics of such a mass start. That puts them square in the way when you are trying to take off

After standing around for what seemed like forever, we heard the airhorn to start the race. And then we stood, and stood, and stood some more. I mentioned that the leaders were probably half finished with the race by now. It turned out that we took about 6 minutes to cross the starting line.

I stayed with Chelly for about a quarter of a mile as we picked up speed and then I waved to her and started to pull away. It actually wasn't too bad. The runners were pretty spread out and I was able to weave my way through the slower people in front of me. I noticed the hills more than I have in the past, but didn't have any problems with them. I think the race last weekend was great training for Central Park.

I felt really great running. The cramping that I've been getting in my left foot showed up - it might be because I'm running in a new pair of shoes, but it worked itself out after about a quarter of a mile. I ran the first 3 miles easy and only had to push a bit during mile four.

Official race time was 42:42 with a chip time of 36:10. Yes, that is another personal best. Gotta love being a new runner! I keep surprising myself, because my training is still not where I want it to be and I'm doing most of the training in the races themselves. But I think the course was fast - the winners set course records.

Chelly got a personal best, as well, soundly trouncing the 50 minute mark.

We hung around for the festivities after the race and took some silly photos. There were photographers at the race, so serious running photos should be appearing shortly. But, meanwhile, we mug for the camera!

I also got a nice shot of springtime in Central Park. Enjoy!

posted by DebbieJRT @ 8:04 AM  
  • At 4/10/2006 8:20 PM, Anonymous Sara said…

    Congratulations on a great race !
    And how fun to find another runner blog with knitting blogs attached. There aren't too many of us, so I'm thrilled. As for me, I prefer longer races (e.g. Queens 1/2).

  • At 4/12/2006 3:23 PM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said…

    Congrats on your race!

    I like your race recap. The baggage area sand was annoying!

  • At 4/30/2006 8:12 AM, Blogger Josh said…

    Nice work on the PR’s!

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