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Personal Records
  • 1 mile - 7:20 - October 11, 2008 - St Clement Long Stride - Jamaica, NY
  • 5k - 25:35 - June 1, 2008 - FPYC 25 Furlongs (5k) Race - Floral Park, NY
  • 4 miles - 33:32 - December 3, 2006 - Fly With the Owls 4 mile Run - Lynbrook, NY
  • 5 miles - 42:50 - Apr 27, 2008 - Alley Pond 5 Mile Challenge - Alley Pond Park, Queens, NY
  • 10k - 55:11 - May 19, 2007 - Healthy Kidney 10k - Central Park, NY
  • 15k - 1:39.28 - March 11, 2007 - Colon Cancer Challenge 15k - Central Park, NY
  • 10 miles - 1:38.28 - May 25, 2008 - Long Beach Trophy Run 10M - Long Beach, NY
  • Half Marathon - 2:05.48 - July 27, 2008 - NYC Half Marathon - New York, NY
2009 Races
  • Feb 21 - GLIRC 3 x 2 Trail Relay - 17:20 for my 2 mile leg
  • Mar 1 - Coogan's Salsa, Blues & Shamrocks 5k - 26:29
  • Mar 15 - John Corrigan 4 x 2 Relay - 16:21 for my 2 mile leg
  • Apr 11 - Scotland Homecoming 10k - 56:37
  • Apr 26 - Alley Pond 5 Mile Challenge - 47:44
  • May 16 - Healthy Kidney 10k - 57:13
  • May 27 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 27:17 - 1st in Age
  • May 30 - Japan Day 4M - 35:28
  • June 7 - Mini 10k - 57:31
  • June 10 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 26:57 - 3rd in Age
  • June 24 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 27:18
  • July 1 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 27:30 - 1st in Age
  • July 4 - Oakdale Firecracker 5k - 26:28
  • July 5 - Massapequa Firecracker 5k - 26:42
  • Aug 16 - NYC Half Marathon - 2:07:58
  • Aug 26 - LIRRC Summer Series 5k - 27:32
  • Sept 12 - Ocean to Sound 50M Relay - 5th leg - 55:56
  • Oct 4 - P.O. Gary Farley 5k - 27:16
  • Oct 11 - Get to the Point 5k - 26:46
  • Oct 25 - Totten Trot 5k - 27:09
  • Nov 8 - Blazing Trails 4-Autism 4M - 36:16
  • Nov 15 - Mineola Mustang 5k - 27:34
  • Nov 22 - Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5k - 27:29 - 3rd in Age
  • Nov 27 - Run Your Turkey Off 4k - 20:56 - 2nd in Age
  • Dec 5 - Seaford Hot Chocolate 5k - 27:15
  • Dec 13 - TRRC Couples Race - 1st leg - 18:21, team: 32:41
  • Dec 19 - Ho Ho Ho Holiday 5k - 28:11
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Mustang musings
This past weekend was a busy one. Saturday the Alley Pond Striders had their monthly refreshment run. I decided to bake something for the after-run brunch. My mind was settled on a pumpkin muffin recipe that I found in Cooking Light magazine. I spent the week before accumulating the ingredients that weren't already in my kitchen. A lot of it was on sale for Thanksgiving so I stocked up on canned pumpkin and such. I was all ready on Friday night to get down to some serious baking when I realized that I was missing one of the most important parts of this project - I didn't own a muffin tin. Off to the internet to search for another recipe for a cake or bread that used the same ingredients. I settled on a spiced pumpkin bread also from Cooking Light.

Saturday morning I went for a short easy run in the park, since I was planning on doing a race on Sunday. The pumpkin bread was a big hit and disappeared in minutes. I tried everything and ended up with most of a crumb cake to take home when we were cleaning up. I threw it straight in the freezer when I got home so I wouldn't be tempted to eat the entire thing.

After showering and gathering my stuff, I headed off to Chelly's for a MetroStitcher gathering. The theme was a yard sale - bring anything you no longer wanted and either price it for sale or throw it in a giveaway pile. I managed to get rid of some old magazines and charts that I had been hanging onto for no good reason. I also continued to snack on some not-so-good for me items and had two slices of pizza and two bottles of beer. I kind of ignored the fact that I was planning on racing the next morning. I got home at a reasonable time and managed to be in bed early

Sunday was the Mineola Mustang 5k. I hadn't preregistered so I thought getting there an hour early would be enough time. It was, but I never remember that it is probably going to be hard to park anywhere near the start area. Got a bit of a warmup jogging the quarter mile from where I found parking and signed up for the race. I wasn't planning on a getting in a real race, but I was hoping to keep a 9:00 pace.

I was freezing at the start. Still not used to the cold weather, it had been in the 60s earlier last week, I wasn't sure how warmly to dress. I went for the tights and a long sleeve shirt. I also remembered my light gloves for which I was glad. The gun went off and the fairly large field started moving. I got across the start line in probably a minute or so and settled into a comfortable pace. The first mile went by in a little over 9 minutes race time, but about 8:45 by my watch. I felt good so I decided to pick it up a bit. The race clock said 17:02 at the two mile mark. This was going really well and I started to look for other runners who might be in my age group. I started to slowly pick off runners in the third mile. I decided that this might be a better race than I had planned and chose to really start to push the pace. For the last quarter of a mile I was really feeling it, but I was flying by other runners. I gave it one good push over the finish line. 26:30 -- a new personal best! I was so pleased. I haven't been feeling like the running has been going that well since the start of the summer, so I'm stunned that I managed a PR in a 5k.

I stuck around to see how my time stacked up in my division. 22nd out of 66. Not too bad. The organizers had a raffle and besides the standard bagels and water, there were cakes and cookies provided by Entenmann's, one of the sponsors. After a while they started to clear up the food and were handing out the unopened boxes. I got three boxes shoved in my arms. Gosh, this is getting difficult to resist! Everything is in the freezer so that I have some time to think over a sudden urge for baked goods. I'm bringing all of it over to my parent's tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, my family will eat it and I won't have to stare at for the next week.

Happy holiday to everyone!

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